Fox's Kilmeade On Pope's Visit: “I'm Catholic And He Could Stay Home ... Tired Of The Pope”

Kilmeade: “Some Of His Comments Just Have No Place. He's In The Wrong Country”

From the September 17 edition of Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Yeah, I'm Catholic and he could stay home. Some of his comments just have no place. He's in the wrong country. But I tell you what --

CHRIS WALLACE (Fox News Sunday host): What? He's in the wrong country? What does that mean?

KILMEADE: He doesn't like capitalism. He blames us and money for what's going on in the Middle East. He says that global warming -- we've got to do more to have global warming -- we've doing more than anybody else. Get on China, show some courage. He's never visited our country before, now he gets around to it and he's critical going in? I have enough, you know -- take on, take on Islam, then talk to me.

WALLACE: The preceding comments were those, and all emails should be sent to Brian Kilmeade.

KILMEADE: Absolutely.

WALLACE: Kilmeade, Brian, bashes pope.

KILMEADE: Exactly. Bring it on.  


KILMEADE: Tired of the pope. 


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