Fox's Kilmeade: I'd Cross Street To Avoid “Group Of Blacks Coming At Me With Hoods On” Or “White Guy With Tattoos” And Nose Ring

From the March 13 edition of Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends:

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KILMEADE: If I'm in 112th -- 45th Street up in Harlem and I'm walking around, you know, with ripped jeans with a hood over my head, looking kind of raunchy without, without shaving. Now I either can be a, you know, a musician, perhaps, and I'd get pulled over a few times. Those guys like to have that, that artsy look. Or I could be a guy just looking to sell drugs who might be -- I might profile as somebody that's looking to break the law in some way. Now, I would think that I'm more apt to get pulled over or to be a victim of -- not a victim but be somebody, a candidate for stop-and-frisk. And I should be.

I think Mark Cuban said it best. If I see a group of blacks coming at me with hoods on, I'm walking to the other side of street. If on the other side of the street is a guy with tattoos all over, a white guy with tattoos all over him, and a nose ring, I'm going back to the other side of the street. Not that I don't like blacks and I love whites, or vice-a-versa, it's that I'm just doing things because I can make deliberative decisions on what's going to keep me healthy.


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