Fox's Kilmeade On Health Care Coverage For Pre-Existing Conditions: “America Is Getting Used To Having That Luxury”

From the May 4 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): House Republicans today will vote for the American Health Care Act at one o'clock. The whip count looks like they've got exactly 216 votes. How did they get that? Well, yesterday, the president of the United States, I understand, spoke to Fred Upton who was against passing this last time and said Fred, what do you need to vote 'yes'? He said well, I don't like how you don't include people with pre-existing conditions under that waiver thing. He said okay, well, figure it out. Then he and Billy Long pictured right back there at the back of that pack, they came up with this idea to put some money into a big pool to help finance healthcare for people in high risk categories.


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): And, by the way, if it goes this well -- and, who knows, we are not taking anything for granted with this Republican caucus -- but If Kevin McCarthy is right, and it's going to pass, it's a formality at one o'clock without any Democratic support. Then it's going to get to the Senate. it's going to look dramatically different. Then it's going to get to phase two, with the Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price. He is a doctor. He is going to take a look at it, and that's where -- President Trump said over the weekend -- that's where he is going to get the ability to buy insurance across state lines which he ran on. 

So, we've have given you details of so many different plans. We are are going to stay away from the details right now. Just know this: $8 billion for pre-existing conditions. A lot of people focused on that. We can understand that America is getting used to having that luxury.


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