Fox's Kilmeade Encourages Donald Trump To Blame Bill Clinton For 9/11 Attacks

Kilmeade: “You Might Be Madder ... At Bill Clinton For Not Taking A Legitimate Shot At Somebody Who Declared War On Us In The '90s”

From the October 19 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: In reality though, you have to think about 2001. When we walked in to -- when the president walked into his four years in office, Al Gore and George Bush weren't even debating Al Qaeda, even though Bin Laden declared war on us in 1996. And most of those hijackers overstayed their visas, so unless he came in and the first thing that President Trump would have done is said, 'I need the CIA to talk to the FBI.'


KILMEADE: 'I need you to mix and match and merge lists, and find out if there's anybody here who have  overstayed their visas.' That was not the talk of the country because we were on the air at that time and in 1996, he declared war on us. You might be madder, Donald Trump -- and we're going to ask him in an hour -- at Bill Clinton for not taking a legitimate shot at somebody who declared war on us in the '90s.


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