Fox's Kilmeade Claims Unanswered Questions About Benghazi Remain Even After Clinton's Testimony

Brian Kilmeade: “I Challenge Anyone To Watch This And ... Not Think That There's Still Questions That We Deserve To Get Answers To”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: I watched almost all of [the testimony] yesterday, believe it or not, and Congressman, I'll tell you, your point of questioning, the 600 times that security requests for asked for not getting to Hillary Clinton's desk. Why do you think that was important to bring up? And do you believe that she never got it?

REP. MIKE POMPEO: Well, we certainly haven't seen any documents that show that they made it all the way to her, so her testimony, I think, is accurate there. I think it's important because it shows the culture inside of the organization that she created. She created a process where there were barriers for important information at a very dangerous facility, one that was unique in the world. It was a temporary mission facility. There wasn't another one of those at the time. And yet this information never made it up to the most senior levels in the State Department, so that they could take the action. And a couple times during the day she said that, well, it was Ambassador Stevens' job to make sure it broke through. I just disagree with that. I think leaders lead and I think it was her job to get security for the people that worked for her.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: Congressman, she really never had a sufficient answer to why someone, Mr. Blumenthal, had such a significant and impactful role in U.S. national security and with the State Department. Someone that did not work for the government was strongly influencing foreign policy and her decision-making, which is highly disturbing.

POMPEO: Kimberly, it's so striking, you ask a great question. The volume, the consistency, the level of detail that was provided by Tyler Drumheller through Sidney Blumenthal to her, and then her responses --  thank you, please print, I'll forward, send me more information. Soliciting additional information from him. It's so odd. This was a man with no knowledge of Libya, no expertise in intelligence, and yet it appears that she spent an awful lot of time relying on his information about what was taking place on the ground in Libya, while Ambassador Stevens' materials never got to her email.

KILMEADE: You're a West Point guy. You know about taking responsibility. What does your gut tell you, with all the research you did leading up to this? You have 600 requests for security. It never got to her level. Do you believe it's incompetence, or do you believe there's a piece missing? The fact that Ambassador Stevens, who had a personal relationship with Hillary Clinton -- there's no direct communication during the most tenuous time at a conflict you could say that she's most responsible for. What are we missing here?

POMPEO: Brian, I don't know. We're still going to keep working to unpack what took place. But at the very least it demonstrates that the State Department didn't have systems in place. Her State Department, Secretary Clinton's State Department, didn't have systems in place to take care of the men and women who were stationed in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012, a very important date in the history of the United States of America.


KILMEADE: I challenge anyone to watch this and not still have questions today and not think that there's still questions that we deserve to get answers to, regardless of what party you're in if you're an American. 


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