Fox's Kilmeade Blames Hillary Clinton For Time And Expense Of Benghazi Committee

Brian Kilmeade To Clinton: “Don't You Feel Personally Responsible For The Fact That This Committee Has Been Forced To Stay Together And Spend A Lot Of Money For 17 Months?”

From the October 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: My question would even be more broad than that. Why has it been so difficult to get all the communications for -- to lead us up to this day? Don't you feel personally responsible for the fact that this committee has been forced to stay together and cause -- spend a lot of money for 17 months? Why are we still getting emails from the ambassador who lost his life three years ago?

ANNA KOOIMAN: Yeah, you have Harry Reid, basically saying, reportedly anyway, that Republicans -- the RNC ought to pay back taxpayers for what's going on with the Benghazi Select Committee. Well, maybe if the administration didn't take so much time to get everything rolled out either. When John Boehner was on Special Report the other day, made some news saying 1,300 emails from Chris Stevens just released by the state department a few days ago.

STEVE DOOCY: That's the definition of a document dump and stonewalling all wrapped into one.


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