Fox’s Keith Ablow Slams Obama’s “Agenda” For Millennials Living With Parents

Ablow: “That’s The Obama America. Get High, Stay Home.”

From the May 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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KEITH ABLOW: We're staying home. More people are staying home, millennial speaking -- millennially speaking than actually moving out. For the first time in history really. Why? Number one the economy doesn't have the jobs for these people. Right? So the bottom line is everybody would like to live on their own. Everybody wants that flexibility. Doesn't matter if you have a partner or a romantic partner or not or getting married or not, you'd like your own place. Most people can't afford it. Lots of people, because the jobs aren't there. But there are other factors too.


ABLOW: Like what you ask? Well here's the thing. These kids are high, they're high on pot. They're high on Facebook. They're high on Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat. So they can't be bothered to cobble together three jobs. They're very busy. Right? They're very busy checking the iPhone.

DOOCY: I agree with you, they’ve all got their noses in the phones a lot like Brian does right there. He's looking -- weren't you looking at your iPhone?

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): In the last segment.

DOOCY: OK. I don't think that many kids are using pot, are they?

ABLOW: They are. You know what, as the state legalize pot it's everybody and his sister and his brother coming in for the medical marijuana license and now it’s going to be recreational. That's the Obama America. Get high, stay home, don't be autonomous. These kids are 12. This is Peter and Patty pan land. And it was stoked by Obama and his, I would say agenda for America which is all about listen, don't have real autonomy. Don't go out there and try to cobble together and scrape what you need. You are entitled. You are entitled to all kinds of free stuff and you're fabulous even if you're not performing.

KILMEADE: Maybe parents are doing too much for their kids these days.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Right. I'm thinking it's laundry and cooking for them, not the pot thing.

KILMEADE: They want mom to shout it out so they don't have to go to the laundromat.

ABLOW: Of course. But good parents, listen good parents are very saddened and come to me and say what's wrong, my kid won't move on. Well, it's partly parenting, that's true. But it's also partly the environment of our culture. These kids are high, they need to detox.


ABLOW: Well, you know they may drink less but they know all about molly and pot and lots of other things so they're coming into my office depressed, anxious with panic attacks. I can't, I don't have hours to treat them.


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