Fox's Hegseth Attacks Minneapolis Mayor For Going To A Mosque To Give Her State Of The City Address

Pete Hegseth: “This Is The Left Doing Everything They Can To Fall Over Themselves To Fawn Over A New Community ... Mayor Betsy Hodges Will Probably Put On A Head Scarf”

From the May 17 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So then you have elected officials there who know these are potential voters, you have a mayor that's going to have a state of the city address. Where is that mayor going to go to deliver it? 

PETE HEGSETH: Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis is going to deliver her state of the city address in a mosque in Minneapolis. This is the left doing everything they can to fall over themselves to fawn over a new community. Listen, we have always welcomed new immigrants and refugees, but we need to make sure we do is they assimilate and show allegiance to this country. Unfortunately a lot of enclaves and certain places haven't done that as much as you would want, or shown an allegiance or a willingness to go fight with al-Shabaab. Can you imagine if you gave the state of the city address in a church?

KILMEADE: It would make no sense. 

HEGSETH The left would go nuts. They would say, “separation of church and state, you're poisoning politics with religion.” But here it's the reverse. It's “we've got to do everything we can,” so we will see. Betsy Hodges will probably put on a head scarf and give her address in a mosque.


Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Mayor Hodges To Give State Of The City Address At Minneapolis Mosque May 23


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