Fox's Geraldo Rivera Likens Trump Skipping Fox Debate To “A Bar Fight Between Two Brothers”

Rivera: “What Was That About? It Was Hubris, It Was Pride”

From the January 29 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Let's pick up where we just left off, on the attacks on Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, to a degree. Were they effective?

GERALDO RIVERA: When I hear Chris Christie saying that Hillary Clinton is not going to be allowed within ten miles of the White House I just say oh shut up. She's not going to be -- what are you going to do? I mean, it was such a bullying, kind of reminiscent of the old Chris Christie. I didn't like it at all. Let me just give you my two big winners. I thought Donald Trump was a huge winner. I think that the debate without Trump was almost as if the whole thing was an undercard debate to me and the other huge winner I thought was Megyn Kelly. The fact that she -- we don't want to be the news, we want to report the news. The fact that she was so much in the grinder there and maintained her dignity, her poise, her professionalism. I thought she did a spectacular job. I'm sorry this happened, this was as I told my friend Sean Hannity when it happened, I thought that this was like a bar fight between two brothers, after its over and the bartender is sweeping up the broken glass and mama is paying the bail, you say what the hell was that about? I think that this is -- we're going to look back and say the fight between Trump, and our boss and our network, it's going to -- what was that about? It was hubris, it was pride. And I -- very unfortunate but I think that the ratings will show that Trump trumped everybody again. 

KILMEADE: So interesting that you say that. I'm surprised to hear you say that. Because I thought the debate after the first few minutes where they addressed the Trump situation, I actually thought the debate was very interesting. 

RIVERA: If you cared about the people who were saying it. If you cared who they -- or was it clear to many people including this particular viewer that the person who is going to have the Republican nomination was three miles away with a bunch of veterans, God bless them and he made 6 million bucks. It's not like he went there and bombed. He raised 6 million bucks, a million of his own, to give to 22 veterans organizations. How are you going to fault that? 


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