Fox's Erick Erickson Applauds Himself For Shooting Front-Page Editorial In The New York Times

From the December 7 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): What were you trying to do?

ERICK ERICKSON: Well, you know, I read the editorial. It was so full of holes to begin with I figured I'd put some actual ones there.

DOOCY: Here's the thing, though. After you did that, the Twitterverse, which for the most part leans to the left anyway, they exploded. Had you known --

ERICKSON: It's still going on.

DOOCY: Had you known what the reaction would have been, what would you have done? 

ERICKSON: I would have done it a lot sooner. I mean people were really enraged. You would have thought I shot their bible, which I guess in a way I did. 

DOOCY: What were you trying to say by putting holes in The New York Times

ERICKSON: Well, that they're not going to curtail the Second Amendment rights. It's very interesting last year The New York Times read an editorial in April of 2014 saying we need to get rid of the terror list, we need to get rid of the no-fly list. They're a violation of civil liberties in a nation of democracy with due process shouldn't have anything like that. And now they're saying hey, let's use the no-fly list and the terror list to get rid of people's Second Amendment rights. It is a constitutional right and they want to get rid of it without due process. 

DOOCY: Well you certainly have the freedom to say things. You're expressing yourself this way. You're one of the few people who actually bought The New York Times over the weekend, and yet --

ERICKSON: I was given it for free. 

DOOCY: Oh, a free copy. Mr. Lucky. 

ERICKSON: Yeah. When a store manager found out I was going to do, he was happy to give it to me. 

DOOCY: I understand, alright. Well you've been criticized roundly by the not-so-tolerant left. 


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