Fox's Ed Henry says Trump has been “honest and transparent” about wanting foreign governments to investigate his political rival

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Citation From the October 4 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

ED HENRY (FOX CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT): Democrats are going to pounce on this, but they have been pouncing on everything the president says, right? But we had a lot of the president's allies in the last week or so saying the transcript with the Ukrainian president didn't show that the president wanted to investigate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, that it's not clear. Well, now it's sort of clear from the president's own words. He does -- because later in that news conference he also said he does want Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden and now he's saying hey, maybe China ought to as well because of business dealings over there, the private equity fund.

Here's the point: The point is the president is not hiding that he wants an investigation of all of this. The question is going to be: Was it tied to U.S. aid to Ukraine? Could they prove that? So far there has been no evidence of that. The president has denied that it was directly tied or that there was any quid pro quo and I think the big picture point is that no matter what is found here, the Democrats moved forward on this impeachment inquiry before they had the transcript of the call. Before they had the text messages that we're going to talk about back and forth between some of the diplomats. And so Adam Schiff has a bit of a credibility problem in terms of them going forward with all of this before they had the facts. The president is going to have to make sure the facts are on his side though. He has been honest and transparent publicly about how he wants this investigated and by the way it's put a spotlight on Joe and Hunter Biden in a way that the Democrats didn't want.