Fox's Diamond & Silk: “Take the military and put it on the border. Make that their zone. Then nobody can cross it.”

From the December 14 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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LYNETTE HARDAWAY (DIAMOND): What we need is the wall funded. We need a wall funded. And what I don't understand, and what's so mind-boggling about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer is that they live behind walls. You know, don't your walls protect you? So why don't you want to protect America by building a wall? So that's what I don't understand. 

ROCHELLE RICHARDSON (SILK): Yeah, not only that, they have security guards. They have security guards with guns, and they also live behind walls. So if somebody continued to break into my house and steal my stuff, I just get a security system to keep them from breaking into my house, so I won't have to keep paying for my stuff. And, guess what? The security system will pay for itself, so that wall will pay for itself, and guess what? Mexico is going to pay for it, voluntarily or involuntary. 



HARDAWAY: Take the the military and put it on the border. 

RICHARDSON: That's right. 

HARDAWAY: Make that their zone. 

RICHARDSON: That's right. 

HARDAWAY: Then nobody can cross it.


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