Fox's Charles Payne: NY Times study on racial wealth gap “proved that there is an amazing ladder in America for anyone to climb”

The Times’ study found that “Black boys raised in America … still earn less in adulthood than white boys with similar backgrounds”

From the March 20 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): There was a millionaires conference yesterday featuring millionaires. What's going on? Michael Moore, [Sen.] Bernie Sanders [(D-VT)], and [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren [(D-MA)] have a message for the working man. “I’m rich.”

CHARLES PAYNE: Yeah, I’m rich and capitalism is a terrible thing. Of course, Michael Moore, half of his $50 million wealth probably came from his movie Capitalism: A Love Story. The hypocrisy goes on and on. You know what's really interesting though, and they keep railing about income inequality, everywhere where progressives have been in control for long periods of time -- I'm talking for decades -- they are the worst places in this country for income inequality. Everywhere they have been able to put in their tax policies, their regulatory policies, their other kind of policies. All you have seen is the gap get wider. Go to San Francisco, go to Los Angeles and look at the homeless. In fact --

KILMEADE: Look at Illinois, look at Chicago.

PAYNE: It’s really amazing. It’s just not -- it's the homelessness, it’s the hopelessness. It's really absolutely amazing. They keep pushing this narrative that somehow they’re going to save the world and America particularly from income inequality.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah, they have this global vision. What was the -- was it Finland, yesterday we said you get the parking ticket based on your income?

PAYNE: Well, a speeding ticket.

EARHARDT: A speeding ticket? Yeah. They need to go to another country. This country was founded on capitalism. That's what makes America wonderful. 

CHARLES PAYNE: It's so funny because The New York Times had an article yesterday on black -- rich black people and their kids not being able to sustain their wealth.

KILMEADE: I saw that.

PAYNE: But they inadvertently also proved that we have an amazing ability to create wealth. They had a graph that showed the bottom income and how they move up into the system. It's really amazing. I don't think that was their intent, but it actually proved that there is an amazing ladder in America -- 

EARHARDT: If you work hard.

PAYNE: For anyone to climb. Right. Anyone can climb it.


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