Fox's Brian Kilmeade: After the 2016 election, the FBI tried to “put a plan in place to take out the president”

Kilmeade: “Bruce Ohr was the linchpin ... to keep this whole chain alive” 

From the August 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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PETE HEGSETH (GUEST CO-HOST): You know, Brian, you pointed out so well last hour, the investigation of the investigators has been utterly insufficient as we learn more and more about what was done to target this candidate and then president. You got -- [Bob] Woodward and [Carl] Bernstein who uncovered Watergate, now they're spinning stories with anonymous sources to make it look like the collusion was actually the president with Russia, when all the evidence -- if you are an intrepid young investigative reporter, this is the most target rich environment I have ever seen. Yet, the left and the fake news media the president calls out are utterly obsessed with one little narrative, it's Russia collusion, Bob Mueller. If they would open their eyes for one second, the conspiracy is right before them. 


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): During the summer to the fall of 2016, from when the president won to the president-elect phase, the FBI was seen to be in an all-out push to plot and plan, to put a plan in place to take out the president. And the more you get these men coming forward, in some cases women with Lisa Page, but you have now Andy McCabe who’s been exposed, you have Peter Strzok's been exposed, you have Lisa Page who has been exposed, Bruce Ohr has been demoted.

And Bruce Ohr, what'd he do? He went behind closed doors and said this: "I was the one talking to Christopher Steele, I was the one informing Peter Strzok, I was the one keeping Weissmann, Andrew Weissmann informed -- who would eventually go to work for Robert Mueller -- all about what was happening behind the scenes with the so-called Russia investigation and would-be collusion.” Why was it a narcotics Department of Justice official putting all these pieces together? Well, maybe the first clue is his wife was the one who works for Fusion GPS who was hired to get dirt on Donald Trump.

HEGSETH: Honest question, what could his justification be? What is Bruce Ohr's justification for those contacts? It's a real question. I'm sure they asked him that. What is his defense? I'd like to know.

KILMEADE: Here is the question (Rep.) Trey Gowdy said to him. He said, “Have you ever worked a case like this before in your career?” And his answer was, “No.” Do you think that has anything to do with the fact that your wife worked for the organization? You were the linchpin with Christopher Steele, who was desperate -- with [James] Comey fired, McCabe out of commission, Peter Strzok under scrutiny -- he was desperate for somebody to keep this whole chain alive. 


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