Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Unmasking Trump associates is the biggest threat to liberty "since the Civil War”

Shortly after Napolitano’s segment, Trump claimed, “The big story is the ‘unmaking and surveillance’ … that took place during the Obama Administration”

From the June 1 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ANDREW NAPOLITANO: We are getting closer and closer to addressing the problems that happened to Donald Trump when he was Mr. Donald Trump. Do you remember back, just a few months ago, when Devin Nunes suddenly ran from his office in the House of Representatives to the White House? And we learned what that was about. Some NSA agents had come to him with some raw data. It was so hot he had to tell the White House about it immediately. It was so hot he decided he had to recuse himself from the Russian investigation. A, he is back in the Russian investigation. What do you think it was? Evidence of unmasking for political purposes, the use of raw intelligence data for political purposes. That is the most serious threat to personal liberty in America and to the stability of this country since the Civil War. That somebody in the White House or the [Obama] administration could take raw intelligence data about their political opponents and use it to the harm of those political opponents. It is the reason why those who say “I'm not afraid when the government spies on me. I have nothing to hide.” It is the reason why mass, suspicionless spying should not happen, is unlawful, is unconstitutional, doesn’t keep us safe, and will destroy our freedoms. 


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