Fox's Ablow: There's “Sadness” At The White House Because Hugo Chavez Was Obama's “Comrade”

Ablow Claims That Obama Wants The Country In “Shambles” If It Allows For “Fairness And Reparations Of A Sort”

From the March 6 edition of Fox News Radio's Kilmeade & Friends:

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KEITH ABLOW (Fox News contributor): I'm sure in the White House right now there's not any kind of glee over the departure of this man from the face of the planet. I think there's probably some profound sadness. 

BRIAN KILMEADE (host): You really believe so? 

ABLOW: Ab -- of course. This is his comrade.

KILMEADE: I mean this is a guy who took the -- took property from the people who have earned it, the rich. 

ABLOW: Sound familiar? 

KILMEADE: Gave it to the poor. He has now -- he's in a country now rich with oil where 70 percent don't have electricity on a regular basis. They have to import most of their food. And this is a guy with allies in South America, so close to the U.S. So this country is in a shambles. 

ABLOW: Yeah, the --

KILMEADE: Venezuela's in a shambles. 

ABLOW: Yeah, but we have a president who's willing to have this country be in a shambles if it is necessary on the road to what he considers fairness and reparations of a sort. 


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