Fox's Ablow Claims Gay Marriage Will Lead To Polygamy and Bestiality

Ablow: Nothing To Stop “Three Human Spouses And The Canine They Absolutely Love” From Getting Married

From the July 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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ANNA KOOIMAN: Next up. We've got you to weigh in on this third story. California's governor just signed a law that replaced “husband and wife” with “spouse” under the state's marriage laws. The law will go into effect January 1, 2015. Dr. Ablow normal or nuts? 

ABLOW: Get ready for the cards and letters. Nuts. Here's the thing, the state needs to get out of the marriage business because here's what we can expect. There's no way that the state of California can deny a marriage license to four spouses now. Eight spouses, or I would say three human spouses and the canine they absolutely love because if love is the foundation of marriage, they can love their dog, too. 


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