Fox Using “Fear, Not Facts” On Climate Science

This morning, Fox & Friends followed Fox's company policy of casting doubt on climate science. Co-anchor Steve Doocy declared that people are “using essentially fear, not facts” to promote taking action against climate change, and did not challenge Republican Senator James Inhofe's claim that global warming is a “hoax”:

It was a telling case of projection. Fox generates fear that scientists are “cooking the books” to promote a “hoax,” that SpongeBoband schools are “indoctrinat[ing]” your children, and that science is being used to implement "one-world government" and "population control."

Through fear, Fox obscures the facts:

The Earth is warming.

Sea levels are rising.

Sea Level Rise

Arctic sea ice is declining.

Arctic Sea Ice

And mainstream scientists agree that climate change is largely driven by human activities. But despite overwhelming evidence, Fox continues to suggest that global warming is just a “big hoax”: