On Fox, two Canadian Muslims + two Christians = widespread Muslim opposition to NYC mosque

As part of its continued Crusade against Park51, a planned NYC Islamic community center, Fox & Friends this morning hosted Muslim Canadian Congress founder Terek Fatah to attack the center, which is the second time in as many days that the show has opened its airwaves to members of this group to assail the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” Why would Fox repeatedly be hosting members of the Muslim Canadian Congress? Probably because they want to give the impression that the community center is so extreme that Muslims around the world are coming out to oppose it. And, since they can't really find many people who aren't white who are outraged by it, they have to keep dipping into the same well. Bolstering my theory is that after hosting Fatah to declare the community center to be a “provocation,” co-host Brian Kilmeade, in all sincerity, marveled that Fatah was “at least, off the top of my head, the fourth Muslim to come forward and say, 'Not here, not now.'” The fourth!

Kilmeade didn't specify who those four anti-mosque Muslims were, but, as a regular viewer of the show, I'm going to venture a guess. Yesterday, they re-aired portions of another Muslim Canadian Congress member Raheel Raza's August 9 appearance on The O'Reilly Factor, in which she attacked NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and “other bleeding-heart white liberals like him” for supporting the community center and not “understand[ing] the battle that we moderate Muslims are faced with in terms of confronting radical Islam.” A few weeks ago, they hosted Mosab Hassan Youseff, who they identified as a “Muslim Against NYC Mosque,” but it turned out that he was actually a Christian. On July 21st, they hosted their favorite “ex-terrorist,” Walid Shoebat, who claimed that people are being “duped” by the founders of the community center, suggesting they were sending double messages to the American and Arab worlds as to the purposes of Park51. Kilmeade praised him for his bravery in coming on Fox & Friends “at great risk to” himself, to spread this message. Walid, too, is a former Muslim who converted to Christianity. And today, they hosted Fatah.

So, that means that the “four” Muslims who have “come forward and” said “not here, not now” are comprised of two Muslims from a Canadian group opposed to the mosque and two Christians who are vocal critics of Islam. Only on Fox would this considered widespread Muslim opposition.

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