On Fox, Trump Says “People Are Watching” To See If Lester Holt “Succumbs To … Pressure” To Fact-Check During The Debate

Trump Claims CNN's Candy Crowley “Turned Out To Be Wrong” When She Fact-Checked Mitt Romney In 2012 Debate

From the September 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Mr. Trump, coming up on Monday night on all the channels will be the first presidential debate. I know in the media they have been talking about whether or not the moderator, in this case, Lester Holt, should he be a moderator and just ask questions or should he be a fact-checker where he asks a question and then if somebody says something that he thinks is wrong, then he's going to interrupt and try to correct the record. What would you like to see, a moderator or a fact-checker?

DONALD TRUMP: Well I think he has to be a moderator. I mean you're debating somebody and if she makes a mistake or if I make a mistake, we'll take each other on. But I certainly don't think you want Candy Crowley again. That was a --

DOOCY: Yeah she was wrong. 

TRUMP: Well and she turned out to be wrong. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Her facts were inaccurate.

TRUMP: I really don't think that you want that. That was a very pivotal moment in that debate and it really threw the debate off and it was unfair. So I don't think you want that. No, I think you have to have somebody that's just lets them argue it out. And I think there's a lot of pressure on Lester. I think Lester's a very good person, a very good man. I think that there's a lot of pressure on him because of Matt Lauer. When I had the town hall, I guess you call it a forum with Hillary --

DOOCY: Commander-in-Chief [Forum].

TRUMP: -- it was -- I did well. And I had tough questions. But the polls all had hers taking a drubbing in that one. Now, I will say, they went after Matt Lauer. I've never seen anything like it.

DOOCY: They sure did.

TRUMP: And I think my questions were harder than her questions, if you want to know the truth. And a lot of pressure's being put on Lester Holt, and it's Bobby Knight-type pressure with the refs, OK? Bobby Knight would go after the refs, and that's what they are doing with Lester Holt, which is I think very, very unfair. And a lot of people are watching to see whether or not he succumbs to that pressure.


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