Fox Tells Viewers To Take Lowest Unemployment Rate Since 2008 With A Grain Of Salt

Fox News figures downplayed the February jobs report that showed a significant improvement in the labor market, continuing in their effort to diminish economic developments made during the Obama presidency.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics' jobs report for February showed 236,000 total jobs added, edging the unemployment rate down to 7.7 percent. Fox News reacted to the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 by cautioning viewers to take it “with a grain of salt.”

While the hosts eventually noted that the numbers are moving in the “right direction,” this admission came after an attempt to downplay the report's significance. Meanwhile, other outlets are reacting positively.

Fox's standard deflection of the drop in unemployment being due to people leaving the labor force doesn't hold up. The labor force participation rate remained relatively unchanged, dropping slightly from 63.6 to 63.5 percent.

This reaction to the latest jobs numbers follows Fox's long line of dismissing positive economic news, sometimes resorting to conspiracy theories to downplay developments.