Fox Still Promoting Founder Of Anti-Clinton Hate Group's Push Book OfDubious Smears

“Professional Dirty Trickster” Roger Stone: Bill Clinton Sexually Assaulted “Hundreds Of Women ... And Hillary Runs The Cover-Up”

From the October 16 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): A brand-new book taking aim at Hillary Clinton's hypocrisy targeting her war on women campaign, even highlighting how she and her husband, Bill Clinton, systematically abused women during their time in the White House. Joining us right now the author of The Clintons' War on Women, Roger Stone. Roger, good morning to you.

ROGER STONE: Steve, great to be with you. 

DOOCY: What do we find out about the Clintons in your book? 

STONE: Hypocrisy. “H” stands for both hypocrisy and Hillary. She says she's an advocate for women and that's true, as long as you're not one of those women unlucky enough to have been sexually assaulted by her husband.  It's very much like the Bill Cosby story. If it's sort of one or two women, you might say “well, it's some woman looking for a payday or the limelight.” But this is systematic. There are literally hundreds of women who have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and Hillary runs the cover-up. 

DOOCY: What do you mean she runs the cover-up? 

STONE: Well, she hires Jack Palladino. She hires Anthony Pellicano. She hires Ivan Duda, private detectives and then they take on the mission of silencing these women, lest they get in the way of the Clintons' rise to power. 

DOOCY: I want to play you a sound bite and then get your reaction. Here's Hillary where she's advocating for women. 

HILLARY CLINTON: I want to do more to help us balance family and work. I believe in equal pay for equal work for women, but I also believe it's about time we had paid family leave for American families and join the rest of the world. ... I remember as a young mother, you know, having a baby wake up who was sick and I'm supposed to be in court, because I was practicing law. I know what it's like. And I think we need to recognize the incredible challenges that so many parents face, particularly working moms. 

DOOCY: You listened to that. Do you hear hypocrisy? 

STONE: Sure. Because in any job where Hillary was the boss, the U.S. Senate, the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton campaigns, the Clinton governorship where she's a co-governor, co-president, the State Department, the Clinton Foundation, in none of those places are women paid as much as men. You've got to walk the walk. You can't just talk the talk. When it comes to pay equality, she's a raging hypocrite. 

DOOCY: You talk extensively about the state of their relationship. Do you think during this election, the state of their relationship will become an election issue? 

STONE: Their marriage is a sham. This is dysfunctional. Last week she laid out a gun control proposal in which she said, those accused of domestic abuse should not be allowed to own a gun. Interviewing Secret Service agents, former Clinton staffers, reporters, Hillary has punched, kicked, slapped, scratched, and thrown hard objects at her husband. Bill Clinton appeared with a scratch on his face shortly after entertaining Barbara Streisand overnight at the White House when Hillary was out of town. Dee Dee Myers was forced to admit that it wasn't a shaving accident. So Hillary is a domestic abuser. Under her proposal she herself would not be allowed to own a gun. 

DOOCY: You say the Clinton machine is systematically trying to shut you down and keep you off television. 

STONE: Yeah. Now I had several cancellations from mainstream media, Comedy Central had me booked. They asked, you know, we want it the first week and so on. NPR had me booked. They cancelled. I have a lot of friends in the media, a lot of the producers on these shows are my friends. So they don't give me the old, “oh, we had to reschedule a segment.” They told me the truth. Pressure from the Clintons. What are they afraid of? Folks just read the book and make your own decision. 


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