Is Fox Secretly Airing GOP Talking Points?

Fox News aired a video compilation critical of President Obama, without mentioning a Republican National Committee research document that reflects Fox's “report.”

On October 29, Fox & Friends showed video of Obama and administration officials explaining that the president was not made aware of problems with the website, reported NSA surveillance of foreign leaders including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, an Inspector General report about the IRS' handling of groups seeking tax-exempt status, and other things that the show labeled “DC scandals.”

The Fox & Friends segment bears a striking similarity to a RNC document posted to on October 28 titled “The Bystander President.” Each “scandal” highlighted by the RNC document appears in the Fox segment, except that Fox left out the RNC mention of bankrupt solar panel manufacturer Solyndra and added the failed ATF operation Fast and Furious  and a reference to the network's manufactured Benghazi “scandal.” Nowhere in the segment did the Fox & Friends hosts say that these claims came from a Republican document -- unlike MSNBC's Morning Joe, where co-host Mika Brzezinski said, before playing a similar video, that “Republicans are calling President Obama the quote 'bystander president.' A memo on the RNC's website points out numerous examples of a president who appears to be left in the dark.”

Fox News has a history of disguising GOP talking points as its own reporting. In February 2009, Fox host Jon Scott criticized the planned economic recovery package that later passed as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, also known as the stimulus, with a series of news sources that came directly from a press release by Senate Republicans -- including the same typo. In October 2009, Fox & Friends parroted a misleading House Republican press release that was critical of the stimulus. The list of GOP talking points presented as Fox News reporting goes on.