Fox regular Michelle Malkin: Western societies allowing in Muslims is “suicide”

Author of In Defense Of Internment tells Fox & Friends “vast numbers” of Muslims “hate” our values

From the June 5 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): What do you think of the president making his push once again, “we need the travel ban”? We’re extreme vetting right now, but we need the travel ban, temporary. 

MICHELLE MALKIN: Yes. I'm glad to see him assert what is a historically plenary power that the president has to exclude any kind of threats to this country. And in fact, it is a power that he can invoke to exclude anyone for any reason whether it's national security or economic security. And I have to say that whatever disagreements people may have in this country about this president, the things he stands for, and the things he says, one thing has been absolutely consistent before he took office and as he has taken office. He has been singularly focused on the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. He has never wavered from it. And for that I am extremely grateful, and every patriotic American should be. It is moments like this latest attack or Manchester or the dozens of them that have occurred over the last couple of years across Europe and in our own country that are very clarifying. It shows you whether you're talking about the media or Hollywood or the Democratic leadership where people's priorities really are. 


MALKIN: And you get to see that we have a president who does believe in defending, protecting, and preserving our country and its laws. 

KILMEADE: Here it is Ramadan, and the way these Islamic extremists celebrate Ramadan is trying to kill us. They’re on a bit of a roll: three hits in three months in London, seven overall hits throughout Europe since 2017. And many people are weighing in on the reasons why, including the former Secretary of State John Kerry. He said this on Meet the Press


JOHN KERRY: They have had a longstanding problem with respect to greater levels of alienation, a harder time assimilating into the broader British society, a lack of similar opportunity. So there are a lot of ingredients.


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): So, Michelle, what do you think about that? He's saying the terrorsts are attacking us because they feel alienated. 

DOOCY: They're alone. They're alone.

MALKIN: Yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Ainsley, this is the fundamental misdiagnosis among progressive leftists and enablers of jihad that somehow the problem lies with our inability to accept and tolerate the vast numbers of Muslims that are coming into Western countries, not because they embrace our values but because they hate them. They're completely integrated into society. We have welcomed so many of the leaders of these Al Qaeda cells. They go to Las Vegas, and they go to strip clubs like the 9/11 hijackers did. 

DOOCY: Yeah. 

MALKIN: They allow themselves to ingratiate themselves into our communities and, you know what? They exploit western liberties. 

DOOCY: Sure. 

MALKIN: They exploit our toleration of their extremism. And then only after dozens and dozens of these attacks not only on hard targets but increasingly soft targets do you have clueless people who are just completely taken over by dhimmitude like Theresa May finally acknowledging that, gee, maybe we've accepted too much extremism within our borders. You think? 

DOOCY: Yeah. No kidding. Police over in London say the attackers’ names will be released as soon as it is operationally possible. Whatever that means. There are some drips and drabs coming out about some of the dead terrorists. Apparently one of them has an Irish ID card. He had lived in Dublin although he was born in Morocco. And then there is another story about a woman who apparently called the cops about her neighbor because she was -- the terrorist was radicalizing children over in the park and tried to do that to her child. 

KILMEADE: That guy appeared in a documentary on terrorism. 

MALKIN: Yeah. That's right. I mean, this is the thing. They proclaim their motives so loudly, and, yet, the louder that they talk about what their aims are, their intents and goals are, the louder so many apologists for jihad try to deny the obvious. I mean, they are screaming out allahu akbar and this is for Allah and all of a sudden what do you get in response? You get all of the liberal media headlines – “gee the motive is still unknown” -- when they're screaming it at the top of their lungs. 

EARHARDT: So why are liberals so upset with the president's tweets about speeding up the process with the Supreme Court when you have those guys over in Europe that are trying to radicalize kids on a playground. Do we really want them here? 

MALKIN: Of course we don't want them here. And in the case of the radicalization in free speech parks, in the middle of London, they're holding up their signs that say behead all those who insult Islam. They've been doing this for decades now. And as I said it is the exploitation of our western liberties and tolerance that have spelled the demise. It's Arnold Toynbee, the historian, who said that civilizations die by suicide not by outside forces. And this is exactly what's happening. You've got people who are exploiting 21st century technology to try and drag all of us back into the stone ages. 

KILMEADE: I think it's important to point out a couple of things. They keep on saying this president is enraging the Muslim community. Really? He went to Saudi Arabia, and the heads of 50 nations showed up. And the head of NATO was interviewed yesterday on Face the Nation and had nothing but positive things to say about the impact President Trump has made as they started to implement a terror strategy while emphasizing they've been in Afghanistan for years. So a lot of the negativity is not adding up to the people where a lot of this extremism is born and bred, and that's in the Middle East. 

MALKIN: Brian, that's a great point. Let me point out, also, that you have apologist groups like CAIR who since 9/11 have been urging people in their communities not to cooperate with the FBI, not to become snitches, to do everything to obstruct national security and homeland security efforts to keep us safe. And these people worry that people are going to be alienated, that there is going to be some kind of stigma? The solution is not to walk on egg shells around this but for truly moderate Muslims to condemn and stigmatize, like we all should, people who want to throw people off of buildings because they are gay, stone them because they look the wrong way at men or women, and do what they've done in Manchester and Westminster on these bridges from Boston to San Bernardino to our Orlando to every major city in our country as well. They deserve a stigma. 

KILMEADE: Right. Look out. They're not going away.


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Correction (9/9/19): This piece originally quoted Malkin as saying that “the vast majority” of Muslims “hate” our values; in fact, she said “vast numbers” of Muslims “hate” our values.