Fox regular Mark Krikorian: HHS “detention centers are not dog kennels. They've got cable from Central America”

Krikorian shrugs off separating immigrant families because conditions under HHS care, he says, “might actually be better than Honduras”

From the May 31 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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MARK KRIKORIAN (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION STUDIES): What's happening is that everybody who's crossing is committing a crime, so they're being prosecuted. But kids don't go to jail, it's the adults who are being prosecuted. Just like any other crime, if you're a pickpocket or a check-forger, your kid doesn't go to jail with you, and so the kids have to be -- are handed over from ICE to the social workers at [the Department of] Health and Human Services. So ICE is not doing this. And then they're taken to detention centers for minors until they find somewhere to put them, either foster care or relatives. And those detention centers are not dog kennels. They've got cable from Central America. They've got -- they take them on outings and field trips. I'm not saying it's the greatest thing in the world but frankly it might actually be better than Honduras, where they're coming from.


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