Fox Regular David Clarke: Black Lives Matter Is “Garbage,” A “Subversive Movement” Advocating “The Overthrow” Of Our Government

Clarke: The Police Should “Show Up And Arrest These Sub-Human Creeps For Creating A Disturbance”

From the October 26 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE: Sheriff, your reaction to some of the sentiments you heard on the streets on Saturday?

DAVID CLARKE: Well, it's just crazy talk. It's ignorance in its purest form. You know, I think we need to rethink the strategy. I don't know why the police even bother policing those demonstrations. They're not protests. Those people advocate for the overthrow of our legally constituted government. 

KILMEADE: But the president says they have a point, Sheriff.

CLARKE: What I would do is let them fend for themselves. Let the good law abiding people of New York clash with them for disrupting their lives, disrupting their businesses. Then the police can show up and arrest these sub-human creeps for creating a disturbance. That we can do. 


CLARKE: Well first of all, there is no police brutality in America. We ended that back in the sixties. So I don't know where they're coming from. You look at the data and the research, and there's a new Harvard study out that shows that there is no racism in the hearts of police officers. They go about their daily duty, if you will, to keep communities safe. The president of the United States knows better. He's playing the race game. He's playing race politics. Shame on him. He's been very divisive for this country. He has been a nightmare, and I cannot wait until January 2017 so that America's nightmare can be over. 

KILMEADE: Black Lives Matter, does it play an important role? First you, Sheriff.

CLARKE: No, it's garbage. It's a subversive movement. Like I said, they advocate the overthrow of our legally constituted government. It is not a protest movement. 


ROD WHEELER: I think yes it does matter. I think all lives matter. And I think what they're arguing about and protesting about is valid. It's just the way that they're going about doing it, I think is totally misdirected. 

CLARKE: It isn't valid, knock it off. You're contributing to the problem here. It is not valid, there is no research. 

WHEELER: But some of those people, Sheriff --

CLARKE: Show me the data. Show me the research that demonstrates or supports that lie that law enforcement officers use an inordinate amount of force against black people. Black people use an inordinate force against themselves and each other in the American ghetto. It is not true about the American police officer. And I'm not going to let anybody come on TV and advocate that. 

WHEELER: Well yeah Sheriff, but you have to be, you have to be fair Sheriff about all of this. Some of those people did have some valid arguments --

CLARKE: I don't have to be fair. What I have to be is factual.

WHEELER: And I'm not saying at all, and I would never suggest police officers just go out and do things wrong to people. But there are some valid arguments that we both on both sides need to --

CLARKE: There are no valid arguments. There is no police brutality in the United States.


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