Fox Offers A Helping Hand To GOP Senate Candidate And His “Constitutional” Madness Bracket

Constitutional Madness

Fox News touted conservative Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse by promoting his website and urging viewers to vote on the “Constitutional Madness” bracket that Sasse created in an attempt to smear President Obama.

The March 24 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends featured Sasse's “Constitutional Madness” bracket, which purports to determine Obama's worst violation of constitutional rights by allowing participants to vote online. Fox followed in the footsteps of their contributor Sarah Palin, who has endorsed Sasse, by hosting and promoting the Nebraska Senate candidate during a discussion of his bracket. Sasse urged viewers to visit his campaign websites as co-host Steve Doocy celebrated the press the bracket has received: 

Not surprisingly, many of the bracket's alleged constitutional violations repeat some of Fox's favorite smears and debunked scandals, including IRS targeting of the Tea Party, allegedly unconstitutional National Labor Relations Board appointments, and conspiracy theories on the ATF's Operation Fast and Furious.

Constitutional Madness Bracket

Constitutional Madness Bracket

Fox's promotion of Sasse is consistent with the network's ongoing effort to promote conservative candidates, which has included providing former Fox contributor Scott Brown with a springboard for his New Hampshire Senate run.