On Fox News, WSJ opinion editor compares Starbucks' racial bias training to “the old Chinese re-education camps”

From the May 30 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Dan, what do you mean, jump the shark? You think -- they're trying to be liberal, they're trying to be politically correct, and they find themselves in a game of Twister. 

DANIEL HENNINGER (WSJ EDITORIAL PAGE DEPUTY EDITOR): Exactly right, Brian. I mean, Starbucks discovered something important about 30 years ago, which is that liberalism was no more longer just about politics. It had become a lifestyle, liberal lifestyle. And so that meant that you just didn't drink black coffee out of a ceramic cup in the morning, you drank it through a [inaudible] pile of foam, $4 grande latte -- it was not merely about drinking coffee, it showed you were also supporting ethically-sourced coffee, you were fighting climate change. So going into Starbucks was kind of a political bonding experience. Then this Philadelphia incident comes along and they simply go nuts because they've offended progressive ideology. And [Starbucks Executive Chairman] Howard Schultz immediately announces they're going to close all of their stores, that was yesterday afternoon --

KILMEADE: Cost about $60 million to the company.

HENNINGER: Yeah, and send 175,000 employees to unconscious anti-bias training, which sounds a lot like the old Chinese re-education camps. I always thought baristas were about the most sensitive workers in America. But apparently they need anti-bias training. Liberalism, now that it has moved over into progressivism, I think is jumping the shark because you can not satisfy them. You will always be wrong trying to appease progressives. 


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