Fox News Speculates That Hillary Clinton Had A Facelift

Fox News has reached new lows in an attempt to attack Hillary Clinton, this morning speculating that the former Secretary of State had a facelift.

Discussing a newly launched website,, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy claimed it showed off her “glamorous new face” and asked: “Facelift, perhaps?”

During the segment, Fox contrasted an image of Clinton from the new website with one of her purportedly taken two weeks ago in the midst of congressional testimony about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya:

Hillary Clinton

CNN reported that the Clinton site “was created to help people contact her with questions and scheduling requests now that she is no longer in her government post.” The person who purchased the domain name has remained anonymous.

Fox has repeatedly demonized Clinton using sexist attacks. Recently, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace played down a New York Post cover showing a supposedly angry Clinton.

UPDATE: Doocy Responds On Twitter

After this post was published, Doocy responded on Twitter, denying he was referring to Clinton specifically when he speculated about whether she had undergone a facelift. He wrote: “Saw some lefty blogs thought I said Hillary had a facelift, nope, I was saying the Hillary WEBSITE had a new pic, a facelift for site”:

Here is a transcript of what Doocy said:

DOOCY: Is this the face of presidential ambition? Days after retiring as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, somebody has launched a new website for her showing off this glamorous new face. Facelift, perhaps? Well, that's fueling rumors about a run for president in 2016, but her aides say it's simply a way for fans and the media to reach her.