Fox News radio host cheers on ranger plowing into climate activist blockade

Jimmy Failla: “How do you watch this and just not rejoice?”

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Citation From the August 29, 2023, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Here's a video you are going to be talking about today. Climate protesters causing a miles-long traffic jam when they blocked the only road leading into the Burning Man festival and then this happened.


DOOCY: Okay. She is not happy. Jimmy Failla, hosts Fox Across America on Fox News radio and Fox Nation, he joins us now. They made a big mistake.

JIMMY FAILLA (FOX RADIO HOST): Well let me start here, I think it is very insensitive of the cop, who should have run them over in an electric pickup truck out of sensitivity to the cause of them blocking the road. How do you not watch this and just rejoice? Because we're so long overdue for some pushback on this garbage where people are inconvenienced whether it's at a museum or people are chaining themselves to the runway. The one note I want to add though, is they are going to, you said Burning Man. It is burning person, OK, let's not get ourselves canceled here. But what's funny is Burning Man is known for people getting stoned in the desert. None of whom figured out they could just drive around this road block, which has 20 feet on either side of the road of flat land. But they are like, I guess we are stuck. But I love these cops. These cops are heroes. 

DOOCY: Well these are not regular cops.

FAILLA: Yep, tribal.

DOOCY: This is tribal land. And so these are tribal rangers. They've got different rules.

FAILLA: Yup. Yes.

DOOCY: Apparently different than the cops here in New York City.

FAILLA: I'm down with them policing everything because they didn't worry about getting, you know, heaven forbid having to go protest or get, you know, go viral for the wrong reasons. They actually just protected the rights of everybody on that road who had somewhere to be. I mean listen, on a serious note. If you have a medical procedure to get to -- Yes, no, seriously! You have no right to do that to people. You don't know what's going on in that traffic jam you are causing. So good for them.