Fox News Outraged U.S. Embassy In Indonesia Moved Fourth Of July Celebration “Out Of Respect” For Ramadan

Fox Guest Jim Hanson: The United States Is “The Exceptional Nation, We Should Act Like It”


Fox News is outraged that the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia -- where over 87% of residents are Muslim -- moved their annual Fourth of July celebration “out of respect” for those observing Ramadan in the country, claiming that they're just being “overly sensitive” to Islam and using the event to claim the United States is “leading from behind” on foreign policy.

On June 4, the United States Embassy in Indonesia celebrated the Fourth of July after Ambassador Robert Blake moved up the celebration one month “in order to respect the upcoming Ramadan month,” according to The Jakarta Post.

During the June 10 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends host Elisabeth Hasselbeck and guest Jim Hanson criticized the embassy's decision to move up the Independence Day celebration, blasting them for being “overly sensitive to Islamic sensibilities.” Citing the decision as evidence that the Obama administration has “lost its way,” Hanson asserted that the U.S. is “the exceptional nation” and “should act like it. That's not being rude or insensitive to other people, that's just what you should do.” Hasselbeck agreed, suggesting that this is another example of the administration “leading from behind” :

Hanson argued that “Indonesians are hardly the most extreme Muslims,” but Fox's outrage ignores that Indonesia has the highest population of Muslim residents in the world. According to the Pew Research Center, 87.2% of the population in the country identifies as Muslim -- meaning the large majority of the country would be fasting in observance of Ramadan during the celebration had it not been moved.