Fox News' Jeanine Pirro: “Newt [Gingrich] Is Right ” On Religious Test For U.S. Muslims

Pirro: “We've Got To Start Having A Conversation About Surveillance In Mosques” 

From the July15 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): That was Newt Gingrich, fired up last night. Letting everybody know what he thought about the terror attacks and what the frustration he feels that we seem to be doing nothing substantial about it.Well the president of the United States made clear he's going to send over 500 troops to the area to subdue ISIS. 


JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO:I agree with [Newt Gingrich] I totally agree with him. We have a president who is an apologist. Look, I'm an amateur and in June of 2014 when I first heard about ISIS, I said bomb them, bomb them, and then bomb them again. I took some heat, but I was right. They were the JV team then. If we had done something, if this president would stop apologizing for what we do, what we are, and stop saying you Christians, it's your turn, as he did at a prayer breakfast, then maybe America would be united in a way where we understand that they're coming. They're here, we're next. I've got to tell you I'm as aggravated as everyone who sat in this chair today. If we've got people standing in the blood of innocent victims when they go for an innocent celebration, then we've got to recognize that we've got a problem at the top of this country. 


Our president didnt want to support [Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi]. Thirty-five million Egyptians stood up and said, “We don't want the Muslim Brotherhood. We are Muslims, we don't want the Muslim Brotherhood.” And this president would prefer to give tanks and airplanes to [Mohamed] Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood, forget that. Right now, they are here, they're going to kill us. Women, children, it doesn't matter. We have got to declare war on them. We've got to start having a conversation about surveillance in mosques. We've got to make sure that in the jails these imams are going in and radicalizing people, they just want to kill us. I mean, how dumb are we? And Newt is right. We're sheep saying, why the wolves killing us or being nice to the wolves, not all wolves are bad. Baloney! 


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