Fox News hosts columnist from hate website VDARE to discuss AZ immigration law

This morning, Fox & Friends featured yet another segment defending Arizona's controversial new immigration law, this time hosting a gentleman named Allan Wall to criticize Mexican president Felipe Calderón's recent criticism of the legislation.

Co-host Steve Doocy introduced Wall as “a U.S. citizen who lived in Mexico for 17 years while working as an English teacher” who has “served in the Texas Army National Guard.” As he closed out the interview, however, Doocy revealed that Wall is a columnist for is a virulently anti-immigration website that, by its editor's own admission, publishes the works of “white nationalists.” The website earned itself a spot on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of hate groups for publishing columns by white supremacists, supporters of eugenics, and anti-Semites.

In keeping with his colleagues, Wall himself has authored some rather inflammatory columns for VDARE.

Last March he complained that “within about three decades, the historical White, English-speaking majority will no longer be the majority, due to mass immigration and the high birthrate of U.S. Hispanics,” adding: “What we need to do is halt immigration, plug up the anchor baby loophole, and quit forcing our historical majority population to pay for its own dispossession.”

In October 2009, Wall attacked Mexican-American astronaut Jose Hernandez as an “anchor baby,” writing: “Despite being U.S.-born, he clearly does not identify with the United States of America, but with Mexico.” According to Walls: “The assertion of Mexican identity in the U.S. is a threat to our national identity.”

Back in 2003, he wrote a column titled: “Cinco De Mayo Means Freedom From Foreigners. Why Don't We Try That In The U.S.?”

This is the type of person Fox News turns to for analysis of immigration law.