Fox News guest goes on bizarre rant against vegans: It's “an inversion of the natural order”

Michael Knowles: “Why do we have to care about” animals like fish, “but we can't care about unborn human babies?”

From the December 5 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST, THE MICHAEL KNOWLES SHOW): They want to replace “beating a dead horse” with “feeding a fed horse.” And it seems to me that the vegans suggesting these things are a few fries away from a happy meal -- is that one vegan friendly? Veganism is on the rise in the last few years. It's up 360 percent in the U.K., it's up 500 percent in the U.S. That is not the problem. More veganism means more veal for me. The problem is the spread of this ideology. And the ideology is spreading. And it's morally incoherent. 

We're told that we can't eat eggs or milk or shell fish. Why stop there? An oyster is no more conscious than a carrot. And there's this irony too. PETA is telling people to use these new bizarre expressions. But every vegan that I know is in favor of abortion. How many vegans are pro-life? Why do we have to care about the delta smelt but we can't care about unborn human babies? What it is is an inversion of the natural order. Animals exist for our enjoyment. The environmentalist left wants us to believe that we exist for animals, to serve animals which is not true. We like animals, we want to conserve animals, and ultimately we want to serve animals to each other on a dinner plate.  


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