Fox News guest: Colleges teach students to be “anti-American” and “give special privileges” to undocumented students

From the October 30 edition of Fox and Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Lawrence Jones is the editor-in-chief of So, you paid Cabot to do that. So, let's talk about what the results are. I mean, do you feel a sense of compassion, also do you need a sense of control at the border? 

LAWRENCE JONES (CAMPUS REFORM EDITOR-IN-CHIEF): Yeah, I mean you can believe in both. And I think this is the indoctrination that we've been reporting on at the Leadership Institute's Campus Reform. Where these kids believe that if they are for safe borders that they are somehow racist, that they are anti-immigrant. But that's not the case. You can believe in comprehensive immigration reform and still believe that we gotta have a secure border. But in many of these colleges, they give special privileges to illegals. They give them in-state tuition. They give them special programs that other Americans on these college campuses don't get. We just reported on Marquette University actually sending students to the border to help with this caravan. This is stupid. 


AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): That last student, she said we stole this country so we should let them in. 

JONES: That's absolutely inaccurate, first of all. If you know any country there's wars, you go back and forth from the beginning of time, there's gonna always be people fighting out for land. But this is again stuff that they're being taught on the college campus, to be anti-American, essentially.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): But Lawrence, this is something they have known their entire lives. I mean, we've had these laws out there the whole time they have been on this Earth. 

JONES: Yeah but, look, there is a narrative on the college campus that says forget the laws, have compassion. And that's just wrong. There's a lot of laws that I want to fix in this country that I don't agree with. But you gotta let the system take its place. Get involved in the civil process. You don't get to just have anarchy.


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