Fox News Exploits Tragedy In France To Attack NYC Mayor De Blasio

Fox's National Security Expert Blames Attack In Part On France's “Really Strict Gun Control Policy”

Fox News used the tragic attack on the offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris as an opportunity to attack New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio while blaming strict gun laws and political correctness for the tragedy.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that 12 people have died in an attack on the offices of a satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris. French President Francois Hollande called the attack “a terrorist attack without a doubt,” and France has reportedly “raised its security alert to the highest level.”

On the January 7 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends, national security analyst KT McFarland said that “really strict gun control policy” in France contributed to the attack and claimed that France's “politically correct ” policies that treat everyone equally were also to blame. Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck echoed support for law enforcement policies that treat people unequally and added that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatens security by demoralizing the New York Police Department and painting the NYPD with “a racist brush” when officers act on that principle. 

Fox's exploitation of tragedy comes as no surprise. The network immediately exploited the deadly hostage situation in Sydney, Australia in December to justify torture, politicized the Canadian Parliament shooting in October to attack gun safety measures, and used reports of American deaths in Benghazi, Libya to push their phony scandal surrounding the 2012 attacks.