Fox News contributor: “Illegal immigrants are burglars, are thieves who are there to harm your security and steal your prosperity”

Steve Cortes, a former member of Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council, says legal immigrants are like “guests in your home” and undocumented immigrants are like violent thieves

From the January 4 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (HOST): Steve, what do you make of that? If a jurisdiction is not enforcing the real laws of the land, they're looking the other way with the sanctuary city policies -- or sanctuary state policies -- should the authorities, should the lawmakers be charged with a crime?

STEVE CORTES (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR):  Look, there have to be consequences. I would hope, at the least, financial consequences, withholding their federal funds. Perhaps personally suing some of these politicians. I'm not a lawyer, I don't know if they can be criminally charged. But I am all for sanctions because -- and I have so much respect for [ICE] Director [Thomas] Homan and all the men and women of ICE. They do such hard, dangerous work and they often get vilified in the mainstream media. But these politicians, people like your mayor, my mayor, Rahm Emanuel, [Bill] de Blasio in here in New York, Governor Jerry Brown in California, what they're doing is grandstanding and neglecting public safety for their own narrow political interests. And what they want to continue to do, Steve, that drives me nuts, as someone who loves legal immigration, they want to confuse legal immigration with illegal immigration. 

DOOCY: We hear that all the time. 

CORTES: Legal immigrants are like guests in your home guest in your home, someone who is welcome, who is making your home better. Illegal immigrants are burglars, are thieves who are there to harm your security and steal your prosperity.


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