Fox News Contributor Blames Obama For Shooting Of Police Officers

Kevin Jackson: President Obama's Speech “Helped To Stoke” The Death Of Police Officers 

From the July 8 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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KEVIN JACKSON: I think what we should be talking about is why this attack occurred, which is, quite frankly, we 've been leading up to it. When it happened in Ferguson, people seem to forget that police officers were shot at in Ferguson in one of the last episodes. And police officers are being killed all over this country and it's leadership from the top. Barack Obama's speech helped to stoke this. I know people don't like to hear this, but we are not having an honest conversation around why this type of thing is occurring because everyone on the left wants to look at this through the ethnocentric and, I believe, racist eyes of black crime. The facts are very clear, many people in America are unfortunately shot by police officers. In fact there have been 561 shootings so far. 275 of those deaths were white folks. 136 were black. And 86 were hispanic. I would defy anybody that's paying attention to this stuff to tell me who was the last hispanic who was killed. They wouldn't even know the name Alex Nunez. They wouldn't know the name Michael Mishtow, or Alex Mishtow rather, because he was the last white person killed. But we do know the name of Castile, we do know the name of Sterling, we do know the name of Freddie Gray and Michael Brown. But we don't know the name of any of these other nameless, faceless people as if they don't matter. We should not be demonizing police officers for doing their jobs and in the case of Castile, if indeed it is a bad shoot as they say, let the law take its course. Despite Hillary Clinton, what happened with Hillary Clinton, we do believe in laws in this country. 


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