Fox Medical A-Team Member To American Medical Association: “Shut Up” Over Gun Violence As Public Health Crisis 

Dr. Keith Ablow To The AMA: “Call Yourself The American Political Association And Shut Up”

From the June 17 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): The latest public health crisis in America, gun violence or so says the American Medical Association. Following the terror attack in Orlando, they vowed to get the CDC to research gun fatalities. But is gun violence even a disease or is this seen to be a government ploy or a political agenda thing? Let's ask Fox News medical A-team analyst and professional doctor, Keith Ablow. He joins us live from Boston. So, is gun violence a disease? 

DR. KEITH ABLOW: Of course gun violence isn't a disease. This is part of the progressive agenda, alive and well at the AMA, the American Medical Association, which has said in commenting about their desire to study this very seriously that they really need to look into the problem of uncontrolled gun ownership. Well, that's their real agenda. Because I can do their research for them, Brian. Argentina, very tough gun law, murder rate -- twice that of the United States. Sweden, very tough gun laws, suicide, ninth leading cause of death in Sweden. I guess people are doing things other than using guns when they're sick. So there are underlying causes. If the AMA wants to do something, how about if it joined with the American Psychiatric Association and those guys did something to rebuild our mental healthcare system. That's what they should be doing for one thing. 

KILMEADE: Right. Documented mental health disease would be one reason you would fail a background check. But to get that documented is tough. Take a look at this, the cause of death in America, heart disease, 614,000. Cancer close to that. Lower respiratory diseases, 147,000. Overall accidents, 136,000. Strokes, 133,000. So, let's see, in terms of gun homicides, 10,000. We don't want to see one but it's just not even in the top 20. 

ABLOW: It's not even in the top 20 but here's the thing, that presumes that the gun's the problem. Homicide is a problem of violence. There are reasons for homicide and nobody knows how many of those acts would have taken place without guns. The gun isn't the problem. It's foolishness. That's why the membership of the AMA is dwindling toward nothing and why these guys are looking for a way to grandstand. These are the people who championed Obamacare. This is just a liberal progressive agenda they're going to eat away at gun rights with medical research. That's not being doctorly, that's being political. So stop it. Call yourself the American Political Association and shut up. 

KILMEADE: Okay. Dr. Keith Ablow, that's your medical advice, shut up. So I hear you. Dr. Ablow, thank you so much. 


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