Fox Leaves Out Important Information In Welfare Study To Hype “Entitlement Nation”

Fox News hyped a study purporting to show Colorado recipients of government assistance programs accessed the government funds from exotic, out-of-state locations, suggesting the recipients were on lavish vacations. But Fox's report failed to mention that the study found only two percent of withdrawals were made outside of Colorado.

An October 6 report found that $3.8 million was withdrawn by Colorado recipients of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program (TANF), commonly referred to as “welfare,” outside the state in the past two years. The study cited some of the more “exotic” places where these withdrawals had occurred, such as Las Vegas, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands.

Fox hyped the study on the October 8 edition of Fox and Friends. Co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck interviewed Colorado State Representative Tim Dore (R) about the report, asking him how he plans to “specifically stop this spending of hard-earned tax dollars on vacation spots and strip clubs?”

Later, Special Report host Bret Baier covered the study claiming “your tax dollars are helping welfare recipients enjoy vacations at some very exotic destinations.”

But Fox's coverage failed to note that's study found that out-of-state withdrawals represented just 2 percent of Colorado program recipients' ATM withdrawals, and only 1.7 percent of withdrawals outside states bordering Colorado. The purported abuse is even more absurd for the specific destinations Fox highlighted: the $6,451 withdrawn in Hawaii, for example, represents 0.003 percent of the $170 million total.

Fox has a history of hyping misleading stories to demonize government assistance. Last month, Fox & Friends falsely claimed that TANF money in Colorado was being used to buy marijuana, leading to the passage of two pieces of legislation in the United States House of Representatives.

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