Fox Invites Rudy Giuliani To Defend Trump's Stop And Frisk Proposal

Giuliani: Stop And Frisk Is “Actually The Answer To The Whole Debate Over Gun Control”

From the September 22 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Rudy, when you were mayor, stop and frisk used extensively here --

RUDY GIULIANI: I started it. 

DOOCY: You started here in New York City --

GIULIANI: With Bill Bratton. 

DOOCY: Yesterday, Donald Trump was asked about it at the black church in Cleveland, he was asked, “what do you think about -- what would stop black-on-black crime in Chicago?” And he said stop and frisk.


Well, they stopped it here in New York because there were complaints that it was racist. 

GIULIANI: I started it for the same reason that Donald Trump is talking about. I started it in 1994. We had had years of 2,200 murders, 7 murders a day. Numbers, we're talking about war zone murders and shootings. And during my tenure, I brought murder down 65 percent, and Michael Bloomberg brought it down another -- ultimately, between the two of us, 85 percent. And I used stop, question, and frisk not as much as Mike [Bloomberg] and Ray Kelly did. I used it about 80, 90, 100 times a year. They had gone to 4 or 500. And here's what it is, it's stop, question, and frisk. Totally justified by the United States Supreme Court Decision called Terry v. The United States. And it says, if a police officer has reasonable suspicion to think you're committing a crime, not probable cause, probable cause they can arrest you. Reasonable suspicion is a lesser standard. In other words, if he suspects but doesn't have real reason. 

DOOCY: Got a feeling. 

GIULIANI: Right. His instincts as a police officer that tell him that this is bulging out a little too much. He can come over and stop you. He can frisk you to protect himself, and he can question you. If he ends up with a gun or drugs, which, when I was mayor, basically our success rate was somewhere between 40 and 50 percent, he can arrest you. The community --

PETE HEGSETH (CO-HOST): Why's it so effective?

GIULIANI: Because it takes the gun right out of your hand. It's actually the answer to the whole debate over gun control. New York and Chicago have gun control. Why does Chicago have, per capita three and a half times -- three and a half times -- the murders than New York? They already have more murders in Chicago this year than we're going to have all of this year.

DOOCY: Well nobody's taking the guns away.

GIULIANI: Exactly. But because bad guys don't go register. I used to say about the mafia, Fat Tony Salerno doesn't go get a gun permit. Neither does the hood on the street go get a permit. You know why? There's probably a warrant for his arrest and he's going to go to jail. So he doesn't get a permit. The gun control laws are on the books, but they're not worth anything because they affect -- are they worth something for legitimate people? Yes, in terms of safety and everything else. But they're not worth anything where the criminal is concerned. You got to get the gun away from him. You got to take away. And I think that's why Donald said -- maybe for people are upset with stop, question, and frisk, they should at least allow it for communities where there is a tremendous amount of crime, because it saves lives.


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