Fox Invents Claim That Obama Is Receiving Tens Of Millions Of Dollars From Foreign Donors

Fox's Steve Doocy invented the claim that President Obama's reelection campaign may be receiving tens of millions of dollars from foreign sources in violation of federal law.

Doocy based his allegation on a claim by a Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report that 43 percent of online traffic going to the Obama campaign website came from foreign countries as well as the fact that Obama has raised more than $270 million from small donors. But Doocy's guests from the GAI acknowledged they had no evidence to back up Doocy's claim.

Interviewing GAI co-founders and conservative activists Stephen Bannon and Peter Schweizer, Doocy said: If your number is accurate, and it's 43 percent comes from international, we're talking tens of millions of dollars." But Bannon immediately responded that he was not saying that 43 percent of Obama's donations come from foreign sources. 

Indeed, the Government Accountability Institute report states Americans living abroad and foreign nationals interested in the president certainly make up part of the international traffic to Obama's campaign website:

The main campaign website receives approximately 43% of its traffic from foreign IP addresses, according to Though Americans living abroad no doubt generate some of this interest, the majority is likely from foreign nationals. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with the President's international attention,  his donation pages' lack of CVV means that this interest creates significant vulnerabilities for the integrity of the campaign's donation process.