Fox Hypes Dinesh D'Souza's Feature-Length Movie Pushing Myths About Obama

Conservative pundit Dinesh D'Souza appeared on Fox & Friends to hype his latest book and companion feature-length movie spreading myths about President Obama. During his appearance, D'Souza pushed the falsehoods that Obama spent a decade as a “close buddy” of Bill Ayers and that Obama went on an international "apology tour" for America.

It's not surprising that D'Souza would be pushing falsehoods about Obama. After all, D'Souza explained during his Fox appearance that the thesis of his new book and movie is that Obama has some sort of “anti-colonial” world view, handed down to him by his father and mentors, that acts as the motivation behind his actions and policies as president. It is just another form of birtherism, albeit a more highbrow variety of the ongoing conservative conspiracy theory.

Moreover, D'Souza's anti-colonial theory rest on a long series of falsehoods about Obama such as the claims that “Obama launched” the TARP program, that Obama started going by his given name Barack to adopt his father's “African identity,” and that Obama supported the release of a Lockerbie bomber from Scottish prison.

But none of these falsehoods mattered to Fox, which aired a clip from D'Souza's movie and complained that “the Hollywood left” was attacking the movie as “feature-length Obama hate.”


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