Fox Hosts Lament That Liberals Are “Sucking The Joy” Out Of Christmas

Todd Starnes Defends Hello Kitty Christmas Tree Against Liberal “War On Christmas” In Public Schools

From the December 23 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Did we win the war on Christmas, not yet?

TODD STARNES: Well we're still fighting it. And it seems like this year there's been a dust-up, there have been more battles, most of them being waged in our public schools but it's pretty ugly out there.

CLAYTON MORRIS (HOST): What happened at Bangor High School?

STARNES: Oh geez, oh lord. Yeah, this is the infamous pink Christmas tree, the Hello Kitty-themed Christmas tree that apparently represented somebody's religion, some feline religion out there. This teacher -- I had a chance to talk to her, Mrs. Gordon, just a great lady. She said she had been putting up a Christmas tree in her classroom for 30 years without any problem. This year they said the Christmas tree has to go. We wrote a column about it yesterday at and late yesterday, guess what happened? They had a change of heart.

KILMEADE: Alright.

ANNA KOOIMAN (HOST): They get to keep the Hello Kitty Christmas tree.

STARNES: The mute feline gets to come back into the classroom

KOOIMAN: It's one thing to be tolerant and diverse but to force religion in a place where it doesn't belong.

STARNES: I love Anna what Mrs. Gordon said. She said, “It's almost as if they're sucking the joy out of the season.” And I think that's a pretty good description of what liberals are doing all across our country this Christmas season.

KILMEADE: Should we switch over to Minnesota? These high schoolers had to sing Allahu Akbar at a Christmas concert. I don't know how that weaves into “Jingle Bells.”

STARNES: Oh geez, look, can you imagine you're there at your kid's Christmas concert and little Johnny and Susie start chanting Allahu Akbar. I mean people were spewing eggnog all over the place. But this was part of an inclusive holiday concert. And the people were very upset about that. But the school seems to be defending what they did by, again, being inclusive.

MORRIS: What do they say, why are they defending it?

STARNES: Well, look, here's what I don't understand, Clayton. The issue for me is, if you're goirng to be inclusive, Ramadan was in the summertime. So next summer, are they going to be singing “O Holy Night” during the Ramadan celebrations?


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