Fox hosts blame Damar Hamlin's PR team for vaccine conspiracy theories following his collapse

Brian Kilmeade: “They should've just had an explanation for it, there would've been no problem. ”

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Citation From the April 19, 2023, edition of Fox's Fox & Friends.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): He got such good care immediately and is now gonna be running back. Hamlin's marketing rep, a fellow by the name of Jordon Rooney, slammed everybody who in the early hours and early days speculated about other causes of his cardiac arrest. He said there were outrageous theories, he said quote "the talk about the vaccine being the cause and the accusations around him hiding things, completely untrue and slanderous." He said, "imagine dying on national TV and having thousands of people questioning your death and how you're handling your trauma."

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): What is he talking about? They should've just had an explanation for it, there would've been no problem.

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (CO-HOST): Exactly, exactly.

KILMEADE: They left it to everybody else.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: They added suspicion by not getting to the point of it right away. And by the way, there have been a lot of athletes that have died of cardiac arrest and there has been a lot of suspicion about the vaccine because they keep lying to us about it. So, I think that people jump to that conclusion is natural.

KILMEADE: If they just told us six months ago what they thought it was, that would've been no problem. It was speculated by some heart surgeons that we had on here.


CAMPOS-DUFFY: Well hopefully the government will stop lying about things and then we can all start trusting public health and public statements like that again.

KILMEADE: It would help.