Fox Host Welcomes Allen West To Network After He Calls Holder “Worse Threat” Than Al Qaeda

A Fox News host warmly welcomed former Republican Congressman Allen West to “the team” after he said that Attorney General Eric Holder is a bigger threat to Americans than the leader of Al Qaeda.

In a June 5 fundraising email, West claimed that Attorney General Holder was a “bigger threat to our Republic” than terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri, a former deputy of Osama bin Laden, who took control of al Qaeda after bin Laden's death. West also used a quote from the ancient philosopher Cicero to imply that Holder was guilty of treason.

The June 7 edition of Fox & Friends gave West a platform to expand on his smear. West answered co-host Brian Kilmeade's question about why he claimed Holder was as dangerous as al-Zawahiri by pointing to Cicero's claim that a nation “cannot survive treason from within” and "[a] murderer is less to fear, the traitor is the plague." West charged Holder with having “the arrogance of officialdom,” and claimed that “When the rule makers are not adhering to the rule of law, then the very foundations of this great nation will start to crumble.”

Co-host Brian Kilmeade took a moment at the end of the segment to thank West for his input and welcome him to the Fox News team:

KILMEADE: Lt. Col. Allen West, always swimming against the tide, telling us how he feels. It's great to have you on board and a member of the team. 

Fox & Friends teased West's appearance by airing a graphic showing Holder and al-Zawahiri, which asked “who's the bigger threat?”

Fox News has previously hyped calls for Holder's resignation.