Fox host uses 9/11 anniversary to attack the 1619 Project

Pete Hegseth: “Of course it was Islam”

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Citation From the September 10, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

PETE HEGSETH (FOX AND FRIENDS WEEKEND CO-HOST): What goes through my mind is one of the students said we should avoid placing blame. There is blame being placed on America's campuses and guess where it is being pointed? It's the blame America first perspective. I even saw it when I was in college 20 years ago during 9/11, the instinct of higher education was to say what did America do to bring such a reaction from otherwise peace-loving people on the other side of the globe? And it's only gotten worse to the point where here we are at the 20 year anniversary that we can't -- we don't want to talk about the motivations of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. Of course, it was Islam. Of course, it was radical Islam. Of course, it was manifestations of that and motivations of that. To not understand that, means you have a generation of kids who think some petty list of grievances led to 19 hijackers taking planes and turning them into weapons and you don't understand that the freedom that we have purchased by people willing to stand up and fight for it. I'm looking at the Freedom Tower right here. It's built 1776 feet tall. The crowds that are teaching our kids would rather have it built 1619 feet tall. That's what we're up against. Our American education system is poisoning the minds of kids.