Fox host: “Thank God we live in the kind of country” where you can work multiple jobs

Ainsley Earhardt: “I love those types of people” 

From the July 9 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

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PETE HEGSETH (GUEST CO-HOST): What [Sen.] Kamala Harris [(D-CA)] says is so disingenuous. For most of my life I have worked two or three or four types of jobs of sources of income. Today you can do that more flexibly. How many people do you know who do something, and then maybe in their free time, they drive an Uber or they do something else to bring in extra cash? Thank God we live in the kind of country where we have the innovation and flexibility where you can bring in money from different places and do different things. 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): And I love those types of people. When I'm in an Uber and you talk to them, you get to know them, many of them do say they're doing this to make a little extra money. And then we start talking, well how much extra, do you mind if I ask, do you make a week, and it's enough to pay for their kids to take an extra swim class, this one guy told me, or it's enough to put a little bit of money aside for their kids to go to college. I love those types of people. My dad worked several jobs. If he had the opportunity to make a little extra, he would. 


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