Fox host on student-led gun safety marches: “Spare me if I don't want to hear the sanctimoniousness of a 17-year-old”

From the March 25 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Sunday:

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ABBY HUNTSMAN (CO-HOST): [Sen. Marco] Rubio [(R-FL)] had a lot of hits yesterday. He tweeted out about this. He said he was all in favor and supports these peaceful protests, but they're saying that he's basically a hypocrite for the support he's given to the NRA.

ED HENRY (CO-HOST): Just because he took some money from the NRA. They're a group -- you know, you have a First Amendment right to march.


HENRY: To speak out. You also have a First Amendment right to accept money, to speak out on what you believe.


HEGSETH: We can -- of course we support the protests. We love -- that's this country, the First Amendment. These were dressed up resist rallies. Spare me if I don't want to hear the sanctimoniousness of a 17-year-old. Listen, I get their point. They have a right to that point. It doesn't make them an expert on the Second Amendment at all. The Second Amendment is not just for hunters, it's not just for self defense. It's for free people to defend themselves and a check on the tyrannical government. These 17-year-olds should go back to civics class in my opinion. Good for you. You can protest. You've got your rights. You've got your perspective. I respect that, but maybe you should learn a little bit more about what this country represents as far as -- you've got a 9-year-old on stage. God bless her. And her grandfather, Martin Luther King, did so much for this country, but she's saying, “I dream of a world without guns.” It's like, I dream of a world without Islamists, too. But unfortunately the media is propping up kids and using them to advance an agenda. And in this case, they're saying Marco Rubio has blood on his hands. It is super disingenuous. A protest is fine, but it strikes me as way over the top.


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