Fox host: Republicans who spoke out against Senate health care bill are “maybe not true to their country”

From the July 18 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): You have [Sen.] Rand Paul [(R-KY)], extreme conservative/libertarian, [Sen.] Ted Cruz [(R-TX)], OK I'm going to make my hands dirty and make it work somehow. And then you got moderates, like Senator [Rob] Portman [(R-OH)] listened to his governor. And have you Senator [Susan] Collins [(R-ME)], who said, “I got some huge blowback when I went back.” So these people are being true to their school, just not true to their party, and maybe not true to their country. The president said before this didn't -- before he knew that these two -- he had these two defectors, reported, according to Politico, he goes, “If the Senate Republicans don't get this thing done, they'll look like dopes.” Do they look like dopes?

ARI FLEISCHER: He's right. It's not a question of being true to your party or true to your country. It's a question of being true to your word. They should not have elevated the issue for eight years among Republicans, saying, “First thing we'll do is repeal and replace,” if they weren't capable of doing it.


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